GAUCHOS: If you don't get on, you won't fall off


Richter Production

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Festivals & Prizes

  • “Birgitt-Bolsmann-Prize” of the University of Art, Kassel, Germany
  • Latin American Film Festival (LAFF) Utrecht 2009, The Netherlands
  • Astra Film Festival 2009, Sibiu, Romania
  • Int. Documentary Film Festival 2009, Kassel, Germany
  • Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF).
    “Best Documentary Award” in Women in Cinema Competition
  • Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival 2009 (KIMFF), Nepal
  • 3rd Women Film Festival 2010, Chennai, India
  • Dokfilmwoche Hamburg 2010, Germany
  • “Cronograf” Int. Film Festival of Moldova 2010.
    Prize for “Best Image”
  • Ethnocineca Wien 2010, Austria
  • Dialektus Festival 2010, Budapest, Hungary,
    Prize: „Golden Deer Award“
  • 5th Moscow International Festival and Scholarly Conference of Visual Anthropology „Mediating Camera“, 2010, Russia
  • 8th Latin American Film Festival Buenos Aires 2010, Argentina
  • Atlantidoc 2010, 4. Festival Internacional de Cine documental del Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Int. Festival „Days of ethnographic film“ (DEF) 2011, Opening film, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec (FIFEQ) 2011, Canada
  • LICHTER Filmtage 2011, Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Germany
  • Beeld voor Beeld 2011, Bogota, Colombia
  • XVI. Int. TV Ecological Film Festival 2012, Xanty-Mansiysk, Russia
  • Wildlife Vaasa, International Nature Film Festival 2012, Vaasa, Finland, Special award of Metsähallitus”


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Festivals & Prizes

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a film by Jana Richter