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Jana Richter

Short Biography

born in 1978 in Magdeburg, Germany
2009 graduated from Film and Television Department at the University of Arts in Kassel (Prof. Yana Drouz, Prof. David Safarian)
2010 founded RICHTER PRODUCTION and realized films in Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Mongolia, Germany

Member of NUR film group

(Producer, Director, Camera, Editor)

Documentary "Traces of War"
Nagorno Karabakh, Armenia, HDV, Colour, 55 min.
Festivals and Prizes:
• Days of Ethongraphic Film 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenija
25th International Festival of Ethnological Film, Belgrade, Serbia
• 30th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, Estonia
• "TradInEtno" World Music Festival, Pazin, Croatia
• "Ethnocineca", 10th International Documentary Film Festival 2016, Vienna, Austria
• "Cronograf", 13th International Documentary Film Festival, 2016, Cronograf & Museum, Chisinau, Moldova
• "ETNOFILm" 8th Ethnographic Film Festival 2016, Rovijn, Croatia
• 12th Festival Internacional del "Cine Pobre" 2016, Gibara, Holguín, Cuba
• "Atlantidoc" 9th Festival Internacional de Cine Documental 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay
"Cine Invisible" 7th Festival Internacional Film Sozialak 2015, Bilbao, Spain
• "Golden Apricot" 12th Yerevan International Film Festival 2015, Yerevan, Armenia
"Beeld voor Beeld" 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Documentary "Rising"
Magdeburg, Germany, HDV, colour, 7.20 min.

Documentary “The Greatness of Man,
La Habana, Cuba, HDV, colour, 30 min. Supported by the BKM and the Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt.
Festivals and Prizes:
• Romanian Int. Film Festival (Ro-IFF) 2012, Bucharest, Romania
“Best Documentary Award 2012”
• Atlantidoc 2012, 6. Festival Internacional de Cine documental del Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
• Festival international du film ethnographique du Quebec (FIFEQ) 2013, Canada
• 9° Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos, 2013, Sucre, Bolivia
“Premio Pukañawi/Ojo Latinoamericano”
• Le soirs du court-métrage au Moulin d’Andé, 2013, Andé, France

Documentary “Cholita Libre: If you don't fight, you've already lost”, La Paz, Bolivia, HDV, 70 min, colour. Supported by the Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt.
Festivals and Prizes:
• Festival international du film ethnographique du Quebec (FIFEQ) 2010, Canada, „Committee Prize”
• Mujeres en Foco 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina „Prize of the Jury“
• Festival de cine y video 2010, Mar de las Pampas, Argentina
• Latin American Film Festival 2010 (LAFF), Utrecht, The Netherlands
• Transilvania International Film Festival 2010 (TIFF), Cluj, Romania
• „White Nights“ 2010, Int. Film Festival of Festivals, St. Petersburg, Russia
• Festival de Lima, 14. Encuentro Latinoamericano de Cine, Peru, Muestra en Digital 2010
• Romania International Film Festival
(Ro-IFF) 2010, Arad, Romania
• 12th International Documentary Encounters, Bogota, Columbia (International Competition)
• Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali 2010, Columbia (International Short Film Competition)
• XIII. Festival ICARO, Guatemala
• 4th Festival of Visual ASPEKTY 2010, Torun, Poland
• Festival do Filme Etnográfico do Recife, Brazil
• Atlantidoc 2010, 4. Festival Internacional de Cine documental del Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
• 4th Samsung Women's international Film Festival, Chennai, India
• “Cronograf” Int. Film Festival of Moldova 2011, “Cronograf at the museum”
• Beeld voor Beeld 2011, Bogota, Colombia
• Special Screening organized by the Colombian Documentary Association, Alados Colombia and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia in ten different cities of Colombia 2011
• Nepal Cine Symposium 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal
• Lichter Filmtage 2012 Frankfurt/Rhein-Main, Germany
• Etnofilm 2012, Rovinj, Croacia
• Days of Ethnographic Film 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia
• Ethnocineca 2012, Ethnographic and Documentary Filmfest, Vienna, Austria

Documentary “Gauchos: If you don’t get on, you won’t fall off“, Argentina, HDV, 85 min, colour. Supported by the Hessische Rundfunk and
the Otto-Braun Fond.
“Birgitt-Bolsmann-Prize” of the University of Art, Kassel, Germany.
Festivals and Prizes:
• Latin American Film Festival (LAFF) Utrecht 2009, Netherlands
• Astra Film Festival 2009, Sibiu, Romania.
• Int. Documentary Film Festival 2009, Kassel, Germany.
• Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF). Prize for “Best Documentary” in Women in Cinema Competition.
• Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival 2009 (KIMFF), Nepal
• 3rd Women Film Festival, Chennai, India.
• Dokfilmwoche Hamburg 2010, Germany
• “Cronograf” Int. Film Festival of Moldova 2010. Prize for “Best Image”
• Ethnocineca Wien 2010, Austria
• Dialektus Festival 2010, Budapest, Hungary, „Golden Deer Award“
• 5th Moscow International Festival and Scholarly Conference of Visual Anthropology „Mediating Camera“, 2010, Russia
• 8th Latin American Film Festival Buenos Aires 2010, Argentina
• Atlantidoc 2010, 4. Festival Internacional de Cine documental del Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
• Int. Festival „Days of ethnographic film“ (DEF) 2011, Opening film, Ljubljana, Slovenia
• International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec (FIFEQ) 2011, Canada
• LICHTER Filmtage 2011, Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Germany

Short Movie “Hopscotch”, Prague, Czech Republic, 35 mm, 4min30 sec, colour.
Festival and Prizes:
• 5th International Film Festival 2005, Tallinn, Estonia “Bronze Frame”

Documentary “If Cuba wouldn’t exist, one should invent it”, Cuba, DV, 33 min, colour.
Festivals and Prizes:
• Cine Latino 2004, Halle, Germany
• “halbbilder“ Film Festival 2004, Magdeburg, Germany
• International Youth Film Festival 2006, Yerevan, Armenia “Special Mention Diploma"

Documentary “Viva Mexico”, Puebla, Mexico, DV, 60 min, colour.

Work as Director of Photography

Documentary „Salam Aleikum Allemagne“, Germany, HDV, colour, 60 min.
Directing: Behrooz Karamizade.
• European Film Market, Berlinale 2012, Berlin, Germany

Television Documentary „The golden Sparrow“, Germany, HDV, colour, 15 min. Directing: Behrooz Karamizade.

Music video „Mi niña linda“, Song from the CD: Se me va el avión, Habana, Cuba, Singer and Songwriter: Prince Mohalid.
HDV, colour, 3:40 min.
Directing: Rike Holtz.

Short Movie „Let the bird fly“, Kassel, Germany, HDV, colour, 8 min.
Directing: Rike Holtz.
• Programma ’O Curt XIII, Neapel, Italy

Short Movie „After the Funeral“, Prague, Czech Republic, 16 mm, black and white,
8 min. Directing: Lai Hsin-I.
Festivals and Prizes:
• FAMU Film festival 2005 (international competition), „Best Film“

Short Movie „Companion“, Prague, Czech Republic, 16 mm, colour, 10 min.
Directing: Josefine Makarian.
• 13. Int. Short film festival, Santiago, Chile
• 18. Int. Short film festival, Istanbul, Turkey

Contract works
(Producer, Director, Camera, Editor)

Documentary “Salomon”, Exhibition of the Cabinet of the Arts, Magdeburg, Germany. HDV, colour, 23 min.


Music video “Mayora”, Song from the CD: Omi Romi, Singer and Songwriter: Prince Mohalid. HDV, colour, 3:38 min.

Theatre film “Pato Macho”, Film of the theatre play Pato Macho of Ignacio Gutierrez, Director: Xiomara Calderon, Habana, Cuba, HDV, colour, 90 min.

Image film “The wolf in the cave of the heart” about the poet Herbert Beesten. HDV, colour, 2.40 min.

Documentary “Illuxion”, Exhibition in the Cabinet of the Arts, Magdeburg, Germany. HDV, colour, 20 min.

Documentary “Cabinet of the Arts”, Magdeburg, Germany. HDV, colour, 10 min.

Documentary “LIMA” Poetry Slam in the Cabinet of the Arts, Magdeburg, Germany. HDV, colour, 8:40 min.

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